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Every day, we commit ourselves to our work, business, partner, friends, and all other activities to achieve a feeling of happiness. However, while working very hard, many people actually have no clear idea what genuinely drives and motivates them in life; they are caught in the routines that they think will bring happiness.

Therefore, many of us get stuck in life sooner or later. And that’s OK.

At Moven, we have a clear vision: facilitating people to do things that actually give them fulfillment and flow. Ideally, we want you to focus your time and energy on the things that give you purpose and with which you’ll live in flow. Therefore, we help you to critically review your look on life and support you in making the changes you feel are necessary to live your purpose in flow. To be able to allow yourself to be fulfilled with life.



Business PROGRAM

Many business programs will focus on the growth towards your business vision. Moven starts at the core. We focus on personal- and team growth, so you and your team will have a stable drive to facilitate growth.


Moven helps individuals to re-evaluate what gives them fulfilment, and most importantly why it does. Together we will focus on what things you can do now to move in the right direction.



‘As an individual who struggled to talk about real personal issues, the transformation that I have made with Kees and Floris’ support over the past few weeks have been life changing. [...] I know that the coaching and support given by these two has already gone a long way in securing the success of our start-up. Big thanks to both of you!’
— Nathan (December 2018)
‘After they helped me open up, I can now say that I finally arrived at the beginning of my personal development journey. When I look back, I can definitely say that having them as coaches is challenging, but also rewarding. [...] I am firmly convinced that almost every startup needs their help.’
— Alex (December 2018)
‘Working with Kees and Floris was an utterly-life changing experience. They are the type of people you can and want to trust and helped me realize many things about myself that were holding me back from being as successful as I am now. I am very grateful for having had the opportunity to work with them.’
— Shimon (December 2018)

Are you ready to make a lasting change ?