We all get to a point where we feel it can be very helpful to reflect on our life with a professional.

What YOU CAN expect from us

Whereas our individual coaching style might differ, our overall approach is similar: getting to the core without much fuss. We aim to give you a safe place to share, and help you create awareness on the limitations that are keeping you stuck where you are at the moment. Moreover, we will ask the questions necessary in order to enable you to take action right now to move forward. We will help you flow with whatever life offers you and create the life you want for yourself.

What WE expect from you

Coaching will be most helpful for you if you are willing to open up and take responsibility and accountability for your past and especially future actions. From experience, we know that we need between two and five sessions to help you make the (important) changes you want in your life. So, it is beneficial for you if you are willing to make this commitment.


A session generally takes one hour. First, we start with one session where we do the introduction and explore your coaching question. Afterwards, we will do a proposal for a number of sessions we would like to have with you. If you agree, we can set the first steps into facilitating you to make a lasting change in your life.


Amsterdam or Haarlem, depending on your preference.


Per session of one hour: € 150 including VAT (€ 124 excluding VAT).

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