Startup founders are absolutely inspiring people to work with. They have grand dreams, have a relentless drive, and envision making the world a better place. Statistics, however, have shown that the majority will never accomplish their dreams.

At Moven, we believe the high failure rate can be assigned to a misalignment of resources to support the founder in growing their startup.

Whereas current startup programs mainly focus on growing the venture by improving the hard skill-set, we specifically focus on the growth of the founder. In doing so, we address crucial topics aimed at personal development and lay the mental basis to successfully weather the startup storm that every founder will face sooner or later.

Moven focuses on the only thing
that truly matters: THE FOUNDER

Think of not only grasping but feeling your personal vision, learning how to deal with failure, understanding the important of staying fluent and flexible, and applying those concepts in practice.

We do group sessions to enhance peer to peer sharing and learning, sit one-on-one with the founders to help them to get to know themselves better, instead of getting to know more people that might help you, and coach the entire team together on how to get the best out of each other.

Moven facilitates founders and startupteams to accomplish personal growth and lay the mental foundation that we believe is key to pass the innovation stage, cross the chasm, and build a sustainable enterprise.

Interested how we HELP FOUNDERs
IN realizing their dreams?