Have you noticed that you are longing for that coffee to get the day really started, that far-away holiday to “really relax”, the next weekend partying with your friends, or you have been noticing your diet recently has become more unhealthy?

We are generally under a lot of pressure, and we find ways to cope with that pressure.
Too often we feel out of balance, out of inspiration and out of touch with reality around us. Life takes us into projects where we do not feel at ease, with too much pressure. We twist and turn and try to make things happen. We force how we want things to go for ourselves and others.

We are faced with high expectations continuously
Our expectations from life are not only to be successful at our jobs but we also want to start a company on the side, be fulfilled and happy, have good friends that love us, be a perfect lover, mother, son or daughter. All while being more relaxed than a zen master, fiercer than a dragon and as brilliant as Steve Jobs or Shakespeare.

What if sometimes we cannot keep up with our ever increasing expectations?
We can feel disappointed with life and ourselves. We did not do what we expect and try to control ourselves even harder.

Our goals and expectations are ambitious. They chain us to a certain disciplined life to be our perfect self. But will our perfection make us happy? How happy are you when you achieve your goals? Probably you’ll move on to the next goal almost instantly.

The reality is that we are struggling to keep up appearances

All this creates a dynamic where we wake up with a list of to-do’s, an agenda full or meetings and lots of musts, urgencies, habits, rituals and obligations. After doing all this, our to-do list miraculously fills up again the next day. In this way we really get stuck keeping up with trying to be a person we would like to be but not enjoying being at all.

Maybe you sometimes fantasise about taking a trip around the world? Retiring? Or even taking a permanent vacation?

We seek “freedom”, but don’t know how and where to find it

We want to be free, but the freedom we seek is usually not far away on some island or a part-time job at the company of our dreams doing what we love. It’s a holiday from our ambitious self, the voice in our head that bosses us around, our goals and our to-do list. It is the freedom from our selves in a world of unlimited potential that we really desire.

Can we just be for a second?
And the answer is: Yes! You can be free and in 'Trust yourself: a guide to life' we help you find  the real you, that does not needs to be managed, controlled or subdued. The real you is within you waiting to enjoy and be the real you and to go through life letting inspiration guide you instead of desperation or want dictating you, giving you the freedom you so deeply long for.

This program is for you if one of these statements apply to you:

  • If you notice you are sick and tired of all the expectations and pressure you keep putting on yourself

  • If you need a break from the voice in your head with its must-do’s

  • If you think that chasing after money, fame, status, power, sex or food fulltime does not fulfill you (anymore);

  • If you feel there is something more to life than what I already know to be true, feel a sense of wonder about life or find yourself repeating the big questions (Who am I? What is this? What is the universe about? etc.) over and over?;

  • If you feel you are ready to take a next step in life and have a big curiosity about life itself;

  • If you feel fed up with thoughts, feelings and circumstances;

  • If you are ready to let go of control, self-management, discipline and want a break from yourself;

In our program, we will discuss:

  • How our habits are pointing us at what’s really wrong with us

  • How we think about ourselves and our habits is a crucial indicator of how happy we are

  • What the influence of your mind is on a continuous basis

  • How to recognize the warning signs when you feel the need to control things

  • How to better deal with your limiting thoughts and feelings

  • How the mind hinders us to be free in life

  • How to detach yourself more from all the things that do not fulfill you

  • How to explore a different path into getting to know yourself better

Program details:

  • Day 1: Who do you think you are?

    • On day 1 we will introduce you to exploring yourself. The outcome of the programme is for you to be happy with who you are and understand that trying to be anything else than you will create misery. To be happy and free we do need to trust ourselves.

  • Day 2: How our mind is fooling us continuously

    • We see how we our minds are constantly trying to protect us by registrering what happens, by judging what happens and interpreting what that says about us, our status and how we are. This in turn can mean that random moments in our life determine our self worth and self-image and self-esteem. We want to understand how random thoughts and judgements can destroy our inner lives so we can be free of it.

  • Day 3: Self-limitation; how we impose and control ourselves

    • So much of our feelings of being trapped are created by the to-do’s, routines and actions we create for ourselves. Even though we try so hard to control ourselves and shove away our unwanted selfs and train our wanted selfs to achieve our goals, it does not fulfill us and we end up in the same place over and over. Time to break away from our self-limitations and be free and joyful.

  • Day 4: The story of me

    • Because of our interpretations and identifications we’ve build up this huge story of who we are, what we can and can’t do and how we are supposed to act. How can we be free of ourselves with all these rules we impose on ourselves. Time to break free from the past and live in the moment.

  • Day 5: Human being: A guide to life in flow

    • Our life can be spent in (almost) permanent flow. It takes letting go of controlling yourself to get to or achieve a certain outcome. On day 5, you’ll learn the dynamics of how to life freely in the moment without any restrictions. When we are free life is able to live through us and we do not need to worry so much but we can just be. You do not have to meditate or do some strange posture, you can just go to work, make tea or take care of your kids, all things that need to be done will happen at the right time for you.

  • Day 6: Goals, tasks and control. The temptation of the mind or how to be miserable.

    • After understanding how to be free it is very important to again look at how you still keep limiting yourself. Most people are so used to life in bondage of the mind that being free takes some getting used to. By understanding the biggest temptations your mind can offer you to come back to control you can learn how to stabilize in a life of freedom.

During the program we also take the time to individually talk to you and answer any questions you might have.



Kees Blok and Floris van der Lee. Read more about us here.



De Roos, P.C. Hooftstraat 183 (Amsterdam)


Time and date:

To be announced soon.



Max. 8 students per group. We intentionally keep group size limited to make sure we can personally guide everyone and answer all your personal questions and can.


Price of the programme:

€ 595,- (incl. BTW) to be paid in full after registration.

The program is fully refundable. If you’re not happy with the programme or our guidance you can get your money back in full.

Tax Benefit:
Dutch tax law allows you to deduct any relevant study related expenses (above € 250). This deduction will only apply until 2019.

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